Insex – Bedding Piglet

Precious piglet awakens bleary-eyed to find her real nightmare has just begun. Stretching her chained arms, she evaluates her predicament and tests the restraints that render her captive on a metal bed. Tags: Armbinder, Ass-Hook, Bed, Breast-Press, Breast Suspension, Breast Bondage, Caning, Chain, Chair, Cuffs, Dildo, Elephant’s trunk, Extreme-bondage, Flogging, Forced Orgasm, Fuckmachine, Gag, Hood, Inflatable, Labia-clamp, Latex, Leather, Marks, Metal, Nipple Clamp, Nipple-Torture, Piglet, Pole, PussyHook, Spreaderbar, Strap, Suspension, Vibrator, Water-torture, Whip, Wire.

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