Serene Isley – 540 Feet Of Rope

Serene Isley is mouth packed and microfoam gagged before I get down to add 8 cinches on her legs from the arch of her high heeled sandaled feet all the way to right up under the crotch of her disco shorts. Then a crotch rope is added and I move on and finally finish off her arms with a rope above the elbows. Moving on from there three body cinches and an upper arm cinch harness are added as Serene tests her fingers and still surprisingly has great circulation. With all that rope finished I bring the camera in to give a nice close pan of her scenario before putting her down on the ground and starting in with a hair tie. Her legs are pulled up and she’s pulled into a very tight head to ankles hogtie which is further complimented with a frogtie cinch down on her legs. Finally sensing that there’s not enough strain in Serene’s scenario I add that final rope cinch down onto her hogtie.

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